Wednesday, August 12, 2015

NOTD: Tiramisu + flakies

One note first about my last manicure, where I had on many (and some quite thick) layers of polish: they were still wearing tolerably well, but over the weekend, I pushed one nail up against something, without much force at all, and the polish just popped off the nail in one piece, like it was a press-on nail. I knew it was thick, but not that thick.

So now I'm wearing an awfully fall-ish manicure. People are out shopping for fall clothes here, but I don't know how they could stand to actually try them on, because it's been in the high-90s to low 100s here for the last week or more. It's freaking hot. I am totally ready for fall, but that's not really why I came up with the manicure; it was really just because I had Tiramisu, and I decided to start with that. Tiramisu is either a medium brown or a really dark tan, depending on how you look at it. (I bought it on sale a couple of weeks ago, and it's gone from Sephora's website now, but here it is on Amazon. But bear in mind that it's a mini, and it's nothing unusual, so I certainly wouldn't recommend paying that outrageous price for it.)

After I put on two coats of Tiramisu, I went into experimental mode. Tiramisu is quite pretty, really, but it's a brown creme, and I am just not into the cremes lately. (If you're thinking so why did she put this on in the first place? well, so was I.) So first I put Fire In The Sky over it, and it looked pretty but I was wanting more coverage than even two coats provided, so I put a coat of Shine Of The Times on top of that, and then I was happy. I mean, you can still tell there's brown under there, but it's a very, very glowy orange-y brown (with green flash) now. (My co-worker thought it was a different polish than I had on yesterday, because yesterday she didn't see the green flash, and today she did.)
You're not getting the full effect, here. I couldn't capture it with the iPhone at all.

Added: Here's a better one, taken a day later with the Canon. This isn't wearing fabulously well, but at least here you can see more of the flaky goodness.

I mentioned whenever I tried it before that Shine Of The Times goes on very thick. I think that the two flakies are pretty similar color-wise, but Fire In The Sky seemed not only less thick, but much more of a shard texture. It looked very pretty, it's nothing against Fire In The Sky - it's just that I wanted the thick coverage right then, for this mani, and I wasn't getting it.

Details (1 coat unless specified):
Nail Nutrition Strength Formula
Bridge the Ridge base coat
Tiramisu (Sephora Collection), 2 coats
Fire In The Sky (Pretty Serious), 2 coats
Shine Of The Times (Essie Luxeffects)

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