Monday, December 4, 2017

Eyeshadows - Colourpop & more

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I haven't worn much eye makeup in a long time. I developed a really major sensitivity to mascara, and I've played around with eyeliner a little, but it just doesn't ever seem to stay on. But eyeshadow seems to do alright, to the extent that I've tried it, so I decided it was time to do more experimenting with that.

I had bought a couple of Sephora Collection eyeshadows, and I had some odds and ends of stuff that came from Ipsy and Sephora Play, but everybody always talks about the Colourpop eyeshadows so I decided I would try some of those. I don't think buying big palettes is a good idea at this point, but I bought a Z-palette from Sephora, and then when Colourpop was having their 20% off sale, I bought Kathleen Lights' four-pack of shadows, and a few other singles, and some brushes. The brushes were a pencil brush and a flat brush.

This is the four-pack:
(I watched the video about Kathleen's new palette, and it's very pretty, but I think it's just overkill for my needs right now. Probably even the four-pack was overkill, really.)

So here's what's in my Z-palette so far:
(Super Shock shadows have the white edge visible around them, but Colourpop's pressed shadows don't.) The ones at the bottom are Colourpop pressed shadows in Snake Eyes and Double Date, and then the pink one is Lord & Berry Pink Ribbon, which I had bought on sale a while back, and then there are two brown Sephoras and one little Balm shadow in the corner. The one at top right is a stray Pacifica that I already had, called Ethereal. Then Kathleen's four shadows are at the top left - the pale one is called Glow, I know, and, well, actually, here are the color names:
But they're not in that same order. Cornelious is the one above Glow, in the palette, and Kathleen Lights is the sort of caramel one. So that means the darkest one of those four is Blaze. And then the other dark one, the fifth one with the white pan, is just called "3" and it's also an Ultra-Glitter. I almost didn't buy those because the word "glitter" scared me but as far as I can tell so far they don't really look unacceptably glittery on the eye. (Maybe if you put it on really heavily, I don't know about that yet.)

So anyway, I figured all that was enough to go on with. You can see the colors I'm going for to start with - shades of brown & copper, and then pink/lavender and nudes, basically. I'm experimenting with that and if I use those enough then I'll get more fancy and try some different colors. (I bought the double-sided Z-palette when Sephora was having their VIB sale, so I have room to expand.)

I'll put Kathleen's palette video down below because I am just fascinated by that red-brick color she has on her lids. But I seriously doubt that that would work for me.

A few more pictures - the Sephora shadows are Coffee Break and Tiramisu:
They were clearly made to be removable, which is nice. I had more assorted eye shadows and things that seemed to difficult to pry out of their containers. I just did the easy ones for now. I may get ambitious later and try to get my MAC blusher out of its plastic prison, but I want to be sure I'm not going to break it if I do!

Here's the two brushes:

The Balm eyeshadow was one of those "Nude Dude" shadows:

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