Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January Sephora Play

And the January theme is...
It had several layers:
I got honey but other pictures showed other types, so they may have varied. Several months ago when the box included the full-face masks all I ever saw was pearl. There are a bunch of varieties (for both the face version and the eye one): lotus, rose, pearl, honey, green tea, and more. (I did finally try the pearl one and I liked it pretty well, but I think it wasn't really the right one for me. If I try them again later - and I might - I'll probably try a moisturizing flavor.)

Then there was this - it's just a little tube but it was inside this package:
I suspect with a name like that they thought it needed some extra explanation.

And here's the rest:

No Appointment Necessary
Sephora Play 05 - January 2016

  • Dr Brandt Skincare Needles No More
  • Living Proof Prime Style Extender Spray
  • Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel
  • Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight
  • Tocca Isabel fragrance
  • Sephora Collection eye mask
Like I say practically every month, I'm wary of peels. But I might try this one anyway. The rest of it I'll try out for sure.

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