Friday, January 22, 2016

Purple-not-purple: a comparison

I just happened to notice this a couple of weeks ago, and I never have seen anybody mention the likeness, that I recall, and so I wanted to show you. This is two things I had in my stash: Orly Purple Poodle and OPI Houston We Have A Purple. (That latter name never ceases to amuse me. I live a few miles from the Johnson Space Center on the outskirts of Houston, so it may be that I find it extra-funny because of the local angle. Or maybe I'm just easily amused - you be the judge.)

I put the nail wheel on a notebook I happened to have handy because I thought it made it stand out more. Now of course these are manifestly not dupes because one is a heavy shimmer and the other has no shimmer at all, but I was amazed at how similar the base colors are on the wheel:
In case you can't read my scribbles on the wheel, they are the two bright pinks (so I would call them) pointing at the bottles - HWHAP is on top & PP is below it. Purple Poodle is maybe a hair darker, but they are really, really close on the wheel. They don't really look alike in the bottle, either - the only reason I thought to compare them was because they both say purple in the name and yet neither of them is really what most people call purple. Purple Poodle comes closer because the shimmer is purple, at least. In both cases the base color is what most people would call hot pink (which is actually red-violet, yes, but more pink-leaning). I've seen many people mention this about Houston We Have A Purple - the other is not so famous a color. As usual, OPIs get all the love.

For the record, HWHAP was in the OPI Texas collection, in spring 2011; PP was in Orly's Surreal collection in the fall of 2013. Honestly, I'm not sure why the shimmer doesn't show more on Purple Poodle here - looking at the bottle it looks like I left it on its side too long and the shimmer's all down on that one side! but I did try to shake it up. The shimmer is pretty evident on the nail, normally, as I recall. (I looked and I don't seem to have a picture on the nail - but here's one from ALU.) I didn't try to take a close-up picture because I was in a hurry - and of course this is an iPhone picture but it's all I have these days. I really miss my dearly departed Canon and its macro feature.

I do have other red-violet jellies, so I'll probably end up re-swatching these against those, just to see. I know I have Zoya Paloma and I have WnW Deception, which was a Wild Shine LE a couple of years ago. I suspect that neither of those are this pink, but it'll be interesting to find out for sure.

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