Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Too much online shopping

I've been buying a good bit of new stuff lately, more than I ought to be. I've got some pictures below but I got more boxes in the mail today and I thought I would tell you what they were, even though I don't have pictures yet of those. Some polish, some skincare & makeup - there are even some shoes, down below. (Click here if you just want to skip below the cut and see the pictures, because this got very long!)

One thing I know I mentioned before, and that was from Macy's, a full-size bottle of Starry Starry Night plus a set of two OPI Hello Kitty polishes that came with a "free" coin purse. I was hesitating between that set and the set that had the Swarowski bows in it. But crystals on my nails are just not my kind of thing, anyway, and the set with the bows only had one polish in it but it was more expensive than the set I bought. (It did have the "special edition shade" which is only available in sets, but I wasn't so in love with that polish anyway. I've forgotten now which one it was, even.) (This link shows several of the different sets & polishes.) So instead I have Starry-Eyed For Dear Daniel, which is a dark pink microglitter, and Look At My Bow! which is a paler pink. In retrospect I might have waited and just bought the Daniel one separately - especially since Look At My Bow is apparently a pretty close dupe to Zoya Shelby, which I have and rarely wear - but I haven't even seen these in a store so far, so I think that was a factor in my thinking. (Also, if you're like me and you're not really up on Hello Kitty lore - I'm too old, it wasn't around when I was a kid - Daniel is apparently Hello Kitty's boyfriend. I had no idea.)

Another thing that arrived was the set of nail wheels that I bought on Amazon - I ordered these ages ago but they ship from China and they always take forever, I knew that. (I went ahead and ordered another set already since I've got a swatching project going and I imagine I'll go through a bunch of them.)  And another was the Sephora Play box for January, which is called No Appointment Necessary, and has a bunch of stuff I'm interested in, including an eye mask. I'll get pictures of all this stuff up later. And then a huge box also came, but that's the stuff Rob mailed to himself from Ohio so I'm letting him open that when he gets home from work.

Aaaaand the last thing is something I actually bought from QVC, which is something I rarely, rarely do. I mostly avoid watching shopping channels just to avoid these kind of weak moments. I bought two things, and one of them was totally practical (a set of those "Guard Your ID" stamp pads, which I gather you can buy everywhere). The other one, though, was a Mally Beauty set that was marked down - it wasn't a "Today's Special Value" but they were really pushing it, so it was some kind of special deal. It was super-reasonable for this big of a set - it was 5 full-size products and a bag. (I think it was $45, something in that range, and it includes a full-size foundation which is $38 by itself, normally.) Mally is one of those brands that you always hear about so I'd been wanting to try it. I will get pictures of this up eventually.

Now, on to the pictures. Click link below!!

Meanwhile, lately I'd bought a couple of things from Sephora online. I have pictures of two but there were actually three, because I also bought a small bottle of Bumble & Bumble stuff that I don't have a picture of. The first one was the Boscia cleanser, which I bought back in December - and I don't think I even realized it until I was checking out, but that was the item that pushed me over into VIB status for this year. Since I was close, I'm glad I went ahead and did that before the end of the year. This was the first thing I'd bought that was specifically because I'd gotten a sample in a Sephora Play box - I didn't expect to like it but I really do.

I do good to get my makeup off with a wipe, most nights, so I'm unlikely to use this daily. But I figure that even using something like this a couple of times a week is better than nothing.

And then one perk of VIB is a 10% off coupon (there's actually been some discussion of that coupon code on Nouveau Cheap lately) so I used that on the Becca eye corrector stuff which I've been wanting. (That one, I had just a regular small sample of, not the "premium" kind, but it was enough to get me hooked.)
I didn't think to open it up and take a picture, for some reason, but you can see that everywhere that sells it, anyway. I experimented with this earlier - I put it on with one of those e.l.f. concealer brushes and patted it down (first time I've ever used those for their intended purpose!) and while it doesn't really make my under-eye circles magically go away, it helps more than anything else I've tried, I think.

Oh, and the other thing I've been ordering online lately is clothes. Just the basics - I needed new shoes and I needed new jeans, or some sort of jeans-replacement pants. With both these things, I tend to just get one pair, maybe two, that I like and wear them til they wear out. So when both of them happen to wear out at once it's bad, because I just don't enjoy real-world shopping like I used to. I have solved the shoe problem, I think, but I had to order two different pairs from Zappo's before I got there. I like a sole like an athletic shoe but I have abnormally high arches and it makes it difficult. So this is what I ended up with:
They look like ballet flats from the top but they have a funky sole that you can see peeking out from the back. They're Skechers Yours Truly. (I tried to find them on the website without consulting the box first, and I couldn't track them down at all. Zappos website is so ridiculously huge - but then that's also what makes it great.)

The pants, I'm still working on. The only pair I've gotten so far that fits are horrible old-lady knit pants with a seam down the front of each leg, you know the kind? I wouldn't have ordered them at all if I'd realized. But they were on clearance and they do fit so I'm keeping them. (And they're black so maybe the stupid seam isn't too noticeable.) At least then I'll have something to wear if my poor ancient jeans I've been wearing decide to fall apart completely!

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