Thursday, November 29, 2018

NailsInc Holler-graphics

Nails Inc has a new Holler-graphic line, and I got my hands on a couple of them. This is Molten My Day:
I feel like all these have near identical formulas. This is the - what would you call this, somewhere between bubblegum and fuchsia? - version.

and this is Get Out Of My Space:
This is the violet version, let's say. (Added: the entry after this one has to do with returns, but in addition to the polishes I talk about there, I started thinking I just didn't need both of these polishes, especially since I also have the ones below. So I eventually returned the pink one and kept the purple one.)

I already had the polish duo called Holler-graphic, and I'll put pictures of that below. These do seem to all have a common formula - bits of holo sparkle, but also linear holographic. I'm sure this isn't the first polish to mix those things, but I can't say I recall seeing it before. And one of the polishes in the other duo I got seems to also have this same formula but it isn't specifically identified as part of this line. But we'll talk about that tomorrow!)

So if these are the same formula as above, then this is the silvery-pink version and the silver version, I guess.
The swatches of these two are here.

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