Friday, November 30, 2018

NailsInc returns?

So I've been talking about the NailsInc polishes I got lately from Sephora - some of them were from the VIB sale but not all. Some of them I'm intending to return. I was trying to think of nail polishes I've returned, and there aren't many of them. Back in the day (and I mean way back), many/most stores wouldn't accept returns for anything that could have been opened. Walgreen's took some unopened polish still in the package, a couple of years ago. Nowadays I know that Sephora will take "gently used" returns (I know that's the way they phrase it because I looked at the official policy) and actually my understanding is that they interpret that very generously. But I really haven't ever returned much of anything to Sephora either. I think in this case I'm going to, though. I ordered way too many polishes in a short time and I told myself (when I came down from the shopping high) that if I didn't love all of them I was going to return some, and well, I didn't love all of them.

So here's one set that I am intending to return. Obviously I did swatch these on the wheel, but I didn't put them on my nails at all so I'm assuming that should definitely qualify as gently-used!
This is the Champagne Shine duo, which looked interesting when I looked at the pictures, but I wasn't crazy about in person. It's way too nude for my taste. It's kind of pretty but it's the kind of thing I just won't wear, in practice, and so it's a waste of money to keep it. I have several of these duos, and they always seem like a good deal because they are $15, which is the regular price of most NailsInc polishes, but instead you get two full-size polishes. But that's only a good deal if you'll actually use them! (Added: Rank & Style has this as #3 on their best nail sets list. The Ciate set that I did keep is #1.)
I swatched both of these separately (see below) and then both of them together - that would be the nail that says "both". The polish on the left - which I cropped to minimize the glare - is Straight To My Head (I keep getting that name wrong: Straight To My Heart, for one) and the other one is Fizz-ical.* Straight To My Head seems to me to go with the Holler-graphic polishes. It may not be exactly the same as those but it seems quite similar, at least. It's definitely got holo stuff and something like Spectraflair in it. And then Fizz-ical looks like it's got a similarly beige sort of base but it's also got a load of gold/green (?) shimmer in there. It's awfully sheer, though. I was hoping that both of them together might do something that would make me want to keep it, but meh. I actually like Straight To The Head by itself the best of the permutations I tried - although Fizz-ical over black looks green, which was kind of a surprise. It's got a green flip to it that I hadn't really noticed, although now that I'm looking it's pretty clearly there.

*I don't know if they intended this or not, but "Fizz-ical" totally sets off Olivia Newton-John earworms in my head. "Let me hear your body talk..."

And then the other one is something that I frankly bought for the name, and that's one of the Dirty Unicorns polishes, The Mane Attraction:
I cropped the silver cap out of this picture because I didn't have any pictures without terrible glare. The glare's not completely gone but that at least got the worst of it. Anyway, what I mean about buying it for the name, I mean "Dirty Unicorns" - the name of the line of polishes, not the name of this specific polish. I am pretty underwhelmed by this polish, though, so it's going back. (I've also been toying with returning one of the two below that, the Holler-graphic polishes - I don't really feel like I need both of them. But so far I can't make up my mind which one of them I would want to get rid of!)

(The outer cap on the newer NailsInc polishes is white, which after all the fighting with glare here is a relief. I don't know if that's only for these certain polishes or if they're going all in with white caps.)

Here's the Champagne Shine polishes a little closer-up - Straight To My Head:
This is the one that feels like it has the same formula as the Holler-graphics, (linear holo, other holo glitter) except that it's so pale it's hard to be sure. But as far as I can tell the formula looks really exactly the same.

And then Fizz-ical:
(I think you can see the green "flip" a little bit in the reflections on the nail tips here!)

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  1. That duo is very temping I"ve been resisting it for a few months, I nearly ordered it when I got the Nail Pourn Duo which were very pretty. Glad to hear I wasn't wrong to ignore it since it sounds pretty boring up close.