Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Thanksgiving/Cyber weekend

So here's what I bought in the Thanksgiving weekend sales, in general - I won't go into too much detail since I usually do that as stuff arrives, anyway. I bought a good bit of polish and other things too, but I don't think I went completely nuts. I didn't really buy much if anything on Black Friday proper - I did the Ulta order early on Thursday night and most of the rest in trickles over the weekend.
  • Ulta had Not Your Mother's haircare on BOGO so I bought four things there. One thing I wanted (the scalp scrub) was out of stock by Thursday afternoon already. And I got two OPIs for $5 each. They didn't have a huge selection on the website (and when I looked again on Friday almost all of what they did have was gone). The only other thing I bought was some tins of Body Shop body butter - it was a set of three and I'll probably keep one and give the others away.
  • KL Polish - several polishes at 40% off
  • Zoya had everything 50% off and free shipping at $30 (that was the Sunday-Monday sale) - I put five polishes in my cart, decided two of them looked too much alike and deleted one - and then made up the last $10 I needed to get to the free shipping limit with those new wide brushes. I know I like wide brushes, generally, and I can just switch them out as I use different Zoya polishes.* (Most of the polishes I bought were from the holiday collection, I think - two of the new Pixie Dusts, for one thing.)
  • other stuff: JCPenney - a leather jacket for my husband, 60% off. And tonight I looked at Erin Condren's website and that 30% off sale and ordered a few more things from that.
* Zoya had a note up that said they did a survey of customer preferences about brushes and it came in split 50/50 between regular and wide, which was why they just made the wide brush an add-on item. I think $2 is a lot to pay for a brush but at 50% off that seems much more reasonable.

You know, Black Friday and Cyber Monday (along with Small Business Saturday!) seem to have merged into one long weekend of sales - heck, mostly the whole month of November is sale-o-rama now. At least the offline frenzy seems to be dying down a bit lately, probably because more people are shopping online. I didn't hear anything about anybody getting trampled this year, anyway.

I still haven't done that NailsInc post I said I was going to do, but here's a preview:
Hopefully that will be up tomorrow!

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