Thursday, June 21, 2018

NOTD: My Immortal

This is Pretty Serious My Immortal, with matte topcoat (I don't care if the Zoe Report thinks matte is out, I still love it) (and sorry if the picture is a bit dark, it was about to rain when I took this):
Note that this is Pretty Serious' matte top-coat, I haven't busted out the new Lucky 13 one I got because I'm trying to use this up first. Although I still need to compare. But anyway, damn, I love this. It's one of those manicures that just seems to pick up the light really beautifully. I don't think I wrapped my tips too well and I've got some little chips now, so I'm thinking I may patch it up and go back to normal top-coat just to see if I like it as well.

(I just looked and there's 21 bottles of this left on the US website, as of last night. Didn't check international.)

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