Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Maybelline stash

I only have 6 Maybelline polishes, and here's five of them:
L-R: Magenta Mirage (Shredded), Clearly Spotted (Polka Dots), Tenacious Teal (which I guess is the only one I have which is from the core line), and then Black In Mirrors and Amethyst Couture (both of which are from the LE Brocades line from a few years ago).

The sixth is the only old-style Maybelline I have. This is Two-Timer Stars:
I've owned a lot of Maybelline polishes over the years, but all of the ones I bought myself are long-gone. This one I got from Karen in one of a couple of swaps she and I did several years back.

I've never swatched several of these so expect to see those in the next few days. As far as a favorite, I think I'd go with Black In Mirrors - you can't really tell here but it's a sort of a blackened silver thing - more gray than actually black.

(I've been doing stash posts mostly on Mondays but if I go once-a-week on all these (many) brands I only have a few of, we'll be at this forever. So you may see them a couple of times a week, maybe even three occasionally if I get on a roll.)

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