Monday, August 7, 2017

Color Club stash

I really don't have all that many Color Club polishes.
L-R, this is Raspberry Rush (scented), Eternal Beauty (holo), Snow-flakes (silvery flakie topper), Hot Couture (pale pink topper), It's Raining Men (blue-to-purple duochrome), We'll Never Be Royals (purple-burgundy-orange multichrome), and Nail-Robi (purple-leaning blue creme).

I'm missing one mini that I forgot about, and there's one polish that I discarded. But I've written about both of those, for sure: the mini is Editorial (which I liked so much I bought two bottles of it), and the one I threw in the trash - because it had faded horribly - was Gimme A Grape Big Kiss, which came from the same collection as Raspberry Rush and was scented.

(Added, because I don't know why I didn't think about putting the old pictures here before.)

Editorial (on the left, but I think you could probably figure that out on your own). I believe it's supposed to be a dupe for Chanel Peridot.

And this is the only picture I could find that showed the original color of Gimme A Grape Big Kiss (It's the one in the middle.) And if you want to see the color it faded to, that's what's in the link on its name further above.
(This came from this post in very early 2014, and if you think this picture is out of focus now... well, it's fuzzy at any size, I think, but it's also possible you may be seeing it at a higher resolution than the original size. I cropped the down because it had other stuff in it; I think this was taken with my old Canon camera and the resolution is not great. That's why you don't see me repeating those old pictures a whole lot.)

I've got label pictures below, but first let me think about favorites. I had We'll Never Be Royals in my 2016 favorites, but then I decided I didn't love it as much as I thought after I'd worn it a couple of times. Nail-Robi is really beautiful, but it's a creme and I really haven't worn it a lot. Ditto Eternal Beauty - except it's a linear holo, of course. Linear holos are not really my favorite things, in general, either. Honestly, if I just get to pick one, I think I'm going with Hot Couture. Top-coats are often my favorite things, anyway, and this is a really awesome one.

So ok, that's decided, and we can go on to labels. Color Club has a bad habit of releasing bottles without any name on it. I've seen lots of complaints about this from other people, too, over the years. I know Eternal Beauty was unlabeled - I remember getting online and double-checking to make sure I had it right - and I think Gimme A Grape Big Kiss wasn't either. And neither was either one of the minis. I think the rest of mine were labeled, as you can see below (well, if you can read them):
(Snow-flakes, apparently, rather than Snowflakes or Snowflake - I think I've seen it called all of those at one time or another. The hyphen in the middle bothers me, really, but I usually take the bottle name as canon unless I have some reason to think it's not what they actually meant.)

And then this:
I just messed up the label on Nail-robi, it's not that it didn't have one. And I mentioned Eternal Beauty above, but I have also complained previously about the fact that all of the holos have really vague names that give no clue to what color they are. I mean, everybody does that some of the time, but from a company with a history of not labeling things properly in the first place, it's doubly annoying. Just number them if you don't want to give them a proper name, but give us a way to tell what is what.

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