Saturday, August 5, 2017

Grey Area

This is Xtreme Wear Grey Area:
Despite the name, this is not really a gray at all, but rather a grayed-out brown creme. I'd call it a dark taupe, really - I think it's very elegant. Maybe the name is meant to be a play on the way that taupe is a "grey area" of its own - or is that stretching it?

(I also am caught here between the two spellings - gray vs. grey. I think "grey" looks more elegant but "gray" is the more common spelling in the US so I generally go with that, just in the interests of being consistent - which works fine until you come up with something like this that spells it the other way!) (added: I didn't even notice for days that I spelled the name wrong in the title.)

Dusty colors seem to be very fashionable right now, so i figured this was a good time to throw this one out there, rather than saving it until it's properly fall and it gets buried in the wave of all the new stuff. This is not a flashy color, but it's a surprisingly sexy one.

Also, here's a previous post that talks about this polish.

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