Thursday, July 5, 2018

Lucky 13 Welcome to the Void

I ordered this "grab-bag" from Lucky 13, consisting of a polish, scented top-coat, scented cuticle lotion, and some stickers featuring their new (shape-shifting!) mascot. This set has already sold out and been restocked at least once; as I write this it's available, but who knows how long that will last. You can buy the polish by itself, also, but I figured I can always stand to try out another brand of cuticle lotion and another top-coat. (And the stickers have already been added to the big collage on the wall above my computer.)
Lucky 13's cuticle lotion is called Lotion of Immortality and the top-coat is called Elemental Ward - I swatched the top-coat over black polish as a test and it's very shiny and quick-drying. It seems really stinky in the bottle, quite frankly, but it dies down very quickly. I assume it's the quick-drying formula in the top-coat that's the stinky part, because the lotion, by contrast, smells really good and I also like the feel of it. It only takes a tiny bit to do all your cuticles.

The polish (Void Sweet Void) is a really dark, blackened thing:
Official description: "Black base with shifting aurora pigment and clear holo space dust" - I would say it basically reads as purple, but it's so dark that it's hard to tell on the wheel.

More stuff I noticed while looking around on Lucky 13: Free shipping in the US during July! (I think that must be a Polish Pickup thing, because I've seen it several places that normally participate. Polish Pickup has polishes up on their site, like normal, but this time they are "favorites" and you buy them on each brand's website.) Kokiri Emerald is the July Polish Pickup polish, and it will be available on the brand's website for all of July. Plus I was watching the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie in the middle of the night last night, and I noted on Twitter that L13 has a polish called Pelvic Sorcery (and also Not 100% A Dick). Also I noticed that that green holo I loved so much lately, Always Be a Dragon, is still available.

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