Monday, July 30, 2018

Target box #2: masks

I showed "Target Box #1" back in May, and both of these actually are boxes from April, but somehow I stuck the second one back in the shadows on the floor where I kept forgetting about it. So here's Target Box #2, finally, called All the Masks:
and it's just that, 5 different masks:
  1. Masque Bar Charcoal Peel-Off Mask (detoxifies and purifies)
  2. Yes to Carrots vitamin-enriched kale paper mask
  3. Neutrogena Hydroboost Hydrating Gel Mask (with hyaluronic acid)
  4. St. Ives Soothing Sheet Mask - Oatmeal
  5. Que Bella multi mask trio - repair (zone area), perfect (cheeks), nourish (under eyes) - separate patches for each area
I had written the items in this down ages ago, and at the time I was being all detail oriented and they all said "one mask" and the ounces on most of them, but when I copied this, I figured "one mask" is the default, on a mask, so I took that part out again - except for #5 since it actually is more than one mask. (Or rather it's a bunch of separate pieces which if you put them all on at once, make more or less the equivalent of a full mask.) And I didn't think the weights here were really very informative - is that the weight of the whole mask, or just the gunk on it? - so I took them out too; it's not like you can't google it or blow the picture up to a big size, if you really want to know.

Anyway, so this was $7 for 5 masks - even assuming these are cheaper masks than the ones I've used that came from Sephora, that's still a good deal. (It also had some coupons in there, you can see one hanging off the edge on the right.) I feel like I will try all of these except probably the charcoal one. I don't much like peel-off masks and I don't feel like charcoal doesn't really do that much for my older skin.

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