Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Christmas in July: the finale

Since July is ending and I won't have any more excuse to do Christmas in July as a theme, here's most of the things I see in my unposted file that are what I think of as legitimate holiday colors. By that I mean, somewhere close to a true red or a dark foliage green, or a gold or silver metallic. That's the Christmas color-scheme of my childhood, anyway. (I don't really even do Christmas to speak of any more - for me it's mostly a fond memory of Santa Claus, etc., back in the day.)

Most of these are polishes I've had for a while now, and they're probably all discontinued. (You can't even buy Illamasqua in the US any more, can you?)
This is Illamasqua Viridian, and it actually came from a holiday gift set, along with Glitterati - they're the only Illamasqua polishes I own. It's very pretty but I haven't worn it much.

This is Sephora by OPI Ruby Without A Cause - it's a red with... well, something a little off about it. I can't quite put my finger on what it is. It almost looks blackened, but I feel like there's something more complex than that about it. - Oh, huh, I just googled and this blogger says it has some shift, and some green shimmer. So yeah, that's enough to account for my feeling like it was a bit off. Especially from a polish that's probably five years old or a bit more, that's pretty out-there, really.

This bottle is a mess and I'm sort of embarrassed to show it to you, but it's definitely a Christmas polish, so here you go:
This is an old Ulta mini from a Christmas set, called Bad Santa. The bottle caps were that rubberized stuff and this one got really sticky, to the point where I couldn't stand to touch it. So I painted it with god-knows-what polish that I didn't care about - actually probably a couple of different polishes. Hey, it did stop it from being sticky! Anyway, cap aside, the polish is a nice red metallic, slightly on the pink side.

And finally, here's old gold:
It's Cover Girl Boundless Color in Gold Rush, - just a gold topper, over black, here. This is one I think of an old-school line of polish, but I think they actually made it up until maybe 2010 or so, so it's not as old as it seems to me, looking at that bottle style.

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