Friday, July 14, 2017

Bath & Body Works

I have never really shopped at Bath & Body Works - I think it got popular about the same time I stopped shopping at malls a lot, or else I just ignored it. I did go in with Rob one time not too long ago and we sniffed at a lot of different scents, but I don't really remember what was what, and anyway, that was during the holiday season and the holiday scents aren't out just yet. (I bet they'll be getting fall scents any time now, though!)

Anyway, I decided I needed to find a reasonably-priced shower gel, because while I just use bar soap a lot of the time, sometimes I do like to have the option of using liquid soap as well. I got on their website and there was a sale with three travel size soaps for $12 or so, so I figured I'd use that to try out some scents. And I ended up buying some full-size hand soaps and (of course) a candle. All of it was on sale and I think there was a free shipping promo also, and I ended up spending around $30-35 altogether. And here's the box that came in the mail today:
The big bottles are the hand soaps, and the shower soaps are scattered around in there, and then the thing in the bubble wrap is the candle, which was wrapped so diligently that I had trouble prying it out again:
So far so good. I opened some of it to sniff and I like everything fine so far.

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