Monday, July 31, 2017

Revlon stash & favorites

According to my spreadsheet, I have 19 total Revlon polishes. I tracked all but a couple of them down. (I don't know why I obsess about whether I have every polish from a brand at the time I talk about them. I like to have them all, but with this many polishes and with my habit of reorganizing them in odd ways - by season, by finish - it's just not going to happen consistently. On the whole I've done a pretty good job of tracking them down.)

I am not sure about the chronological order in which the different bottle styles occur, but the basic Revlon bottle definitely has differences over the years. I grouped the ones with the stripes on the cap together - these seem maybe a little older than some others, although I don't really think I've had them all that many years.
I took label pictures too - I'm starting to really like having those. So this is Blackout, which is Top Speed, I believe (although the lettering has completely worn off the front of the bottle and it doesn't actually say that any more) and then Plum Attraction ("new!") and Strawberry Electric. You can see where the fill line is on these - all of them have been worn quite a bit.
I used to be really partial to Top Speed in, I think, the early 00s. I also remember having a color called Port or Port Wine, which might or might not have been Top Speed. I really loved quick-dry polishes back in the day - most of my collection back then was Top Speed and Jet-Set (the L'Oreal equivalent). But since I didn't have many polishes I went through them fast. The Port color was the first polish I ever remember going through more than one bottle of.

I'm not sure about Blackout but I'm pretty sure the other two here are discontinued. The "main line" Revlon polishes all seem to have one-word names these days, with the exception of the really old names like Cherries In The Snow. (And I guess the whole Top Speed line is discontinued as well, now. I don't see it on the website.)

Here are the rest of the main-line Revlons - they're out of order from the picture below but these aren't easy to mistake for one another anyway. L-R, this is Not So Blueberry (a scented polish), Vixen (a Chanel Vamp dupe), Scandalous (which is a purple glitter, although on my monitor it's hard to tell), Hypnotic, and Revlon Red.

Then these are the other bottle style, which was used for Brilliant Strength and the previous version of Colorstay, and these days is also used for Gel Envy.
I only have one Brilliant Strength, and that's Intrigue, on the left. (And I've never gotten around to buying any Gel Envy.) And then the rest of these are the middle version of Colorstay: Rain Forest, Fall Mood, Amethyst, Bold Sangria, Rich Raspberry, and the base-coat. I was really fond of this version of Colorstay, and I actually have backup bottles of a couple of colors that I bought when they were closing them out (that's Rainforest and Amethyst). I think I had two of the base-coat also, it's a good one.

And then we have the odd men out, here:
This is Always Sheer Bliss, from the oldest version of Colorstay (or rather, ColorStay, on this bottle), and then two Revlon Parfumerie polishes, Pink Pineapple and China Flower.

The older version of Colorstay are the ones that each came with their own bottle of top-coat. I actually still have one of those, too, but I don't usually round up the base-coats and top-coats - I don't know why I happened to include the base-coat above, actually. The one top-coat I have says Sealing Shine. There were a couple of versions of this Colorstay, too, which had slightly different bottles. But they always had a really limited choice of colors, which is why I don't have more of them. The only other one is one of the polishes I said was missing, Continuous Cranberry, which as you might guess is a dark red. (I might as well go ahead and tell you about the other one while I'm at it - it's a "Chroma Chameleon" in Topaz. It's a duochrome sort of thing which I've always found kind of disappointing.)

And then one more, although it's in really disastrous shape and I threw it away after I took this picture:
I hated these nail art wands, mostly because they're incredibly hard to balance. This one is Nail Art Neon in Ultra Violet. As usual with neons, it's a mess to put on, and I made a giant mess trying to put it on, too - I think I remember trying to get white polish out of the carpet, later. I never wore it again and I don't know why I've kept it, exactly. I think I did actually like the results in the end, but it was such a pain getting there it just wasn't worth it. I originally had two of these; the other one was not a neon but a glitter. It was called Orbit, but that one is long-gone.

Favorites: Hypnotic, Rain Forest, Fall Mood
Runners-up: Intrigue, Amethyst

Wow, I had a lot to say about Revlon, and I didn't even get around to saying that the first polish I ever bought myself was a Revlon (something fuchsia, I don't remember the name of it any more) and also there's the nice article that I read about Revlon the other day, which is really interesting if the history of cosmetics interests you at all.

Also, I may do some reswatching of certain colors, so you'll probably see those again later.

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