Sunday, July 23, 2017

Moving Mauve

This is Terrybly Moving Mauve:
I showed this in the bottle before - it's a sort of a raspberry creme. (Terrybly is a French brand and as I understand it, in France "mauve" means a straight-up red-leaning purple, not that sort of faded purple/pink take on it that's what I think of as mauve.)

I know this doesn't look bad on the swatch but when I actually put it on my nails, it was streaky and very balky and ended up a big mess. Considering this polish retails for $30 I really expected more. Heck, even for $7 plus shipping - which is what I actually paid - I expect more. It's all the more frustrating because I love the color.

(I took some pictures but they're so awful I can't bear to post them, and if you've seen some of the pictures I've posted in the past, you know that means they're really terrible. I need to try this polish again later on, and be very careful and maybe do it on a day with lower humidity* - because part of the problem was that it didn't want to set - and see if I can get some more-acceptable results.)

So you know what I ended up doing? I wish I had a picture of that part - I put Zoya Leia on top of the whole mauve mess. And somehow that disguised all the problems and I totally loved it. Every time I buy expensive cremes I end up doing this - solving problems through layering, I mean, not using Leia in particular. (Read back in my archives about Rescue Beauty.) It's such a waste and yet it looks so beautiful I can't really be very sorry.

*although when that might be, in Texas, I don't know - maybe along about November.

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