Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Vestido de Gala

This is Jade Vestido de Gala - I think the name means "party clothes" or something to that effect. I showed my stash from several brands of international polish yesterday, and I decided this was my favorite from that bunch.
I have several polishes from this "Special Glitz" line - they are fine glitters in a jelly base. You can't tell it from this picture but the glitter is mostly holo glitter - there might be some regular glitter mixed in, but it's the holo that you notice. This is one coat on the nail wheel; it darkens up considerably on the second coat. And it's quite textured, as I recall - it's not a textured polish per se but you probably want Glitter Food or maybe an extra coat of top-coat for this. But it's really really pretty. (All of the polishes like this are pretty, mind you, but since this one is my beloved berry-color, naturally it's my very favorite.)

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