Friday, July 28, 2017

Purple Palette

This is Finger Paints Purple Palette:
Lovely purple glitter that does eventually get opaque on its own. I think this is only two coats in the swatch but I didn't mark anything so I can't swear to that.

This is the other of the two that were MIA, and I'm glad I've unearthed both of these - ok, not surprising because I love purple but still. The fact is, it's the stuff that I actually wear that tends to get mislaid somewhere, because I stick them in my backpack or in luggage or something and they take a while, possibly a long while, to get back to their proper places. (Which reminds me, I found Legend still in my bag today. I need to make sure it gets back to its proper place, too.)

(The story about exactly where I found these is here, if you want to know - at the bottom of that entry.)

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