Friday, July 21, 2017


Last two Formula X polishes, but apparently I only have a new picture of one of them.

This was part of a line called Shifters, which did not seem to mean that they are true duochromes, but rather that they have multiple colors of microglitter to make them shift color. You can see some heavy shimmer or microglitter in the bottle here. I also found this entry with a lot of pictures of it. Looking at it in the bottle (in person - I have it in front of me now), I see a lot of what looks like cool-toned microglitter, and the base looks like it might be a dark plum. (This is why I'm having so much trouble picking favorites, I think. These are very complex polishes!)

I said that another of these polishes was too dark to wear in the summer - but I actually have Legend on right now, even though it's just as dark. I like it but I don't think it's going to make the favorites cut.

I was thinking I had taken a new picture of Hyped but apparently I didn't reswatch it. Maybe that was because I mostly did the reswatches in order to pick a favorite, and I didn't really feel like Hyped was eligible. It's a really pretty almost-neon pink (or maybe raspberry) with a satin/matte finish, but it has pretty serious wear problems, as I noted in this entry. That's enough to throw it out of competition, in my mind. (I went back after I wrote this and swatched Hyped - I'll have that to show another day.)

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