Monday, July 3, 2017

Stash: assorted international brands

I've decided to combine some of the brands that I only have a few of - I'll never get through this tour of my stash if I go one by one. So here we have some various non-US brands.

This group is all British:
This is Model's Own Hyper Gel in Pitch Purple, No 7 in Pillarbox, A England Saint George and Briarwood, Barry M in Silver Glitter (which was an LE polish).

I have four of this brand, so they get a picture to themselves. This is Jade, which is a Brazilian brand:
Three of these are the same formula, Special Glitz, which is a jelly full of fine glitter. I really like those. The names are Echarpe de Seda (dark red), Vestido de Gala (plummy red), V.I.P (orange), and the outlier is Stiletto, which is just a medium green creme. I used to get these from Llarowe but I don't know if they have a US seller these days.

And then this is just what's left over. I have a couple of Illamasquas which must be with the higher-end polishes, and I have Nfu Oh 51, which is just MIA, I haven't seen it in a while now. I'm sure it's here somewhere and it'll turn up, though. Oh, and I didn't put the Kikos in with these, either, but I know they're around somewhere in another bin.
Layla is an Italian brand (as is Kiko) and these two are CE61 and CE39 (which is sort of a grayed out purple). You can see that the bottle of CE61 is about halfway empty - I've worn that one a lot. I really liked the purple one also but I haven't remembered to wear it as much. Then the wavy bottle is Dear Rus, which is South Korean, and this is #601 - it's a nice gold-and green glitter which I always forget to wear. And last is Glitter Gal Lizard Belly, which is a dark gray-green scattered holo.

I decided that out of these polishes, Vestido de Gala would be my favorite. I did a new swatch for it and I'll post that soon, but meanwhile here is the old one. (If Nfu Oh 51 was here it would probably have been a contender, but since it's not, I decided it was ineligible. I'm picking from what I actually had on hand to photograph.)

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