Sunday, July 30, 2017

Crayola colors from Sally Hansen

Apparently this collection is called Sally Hansen + Crayola, officially - I had no idea this existed until I walked in Walgreen's last night and saw it:
I restrained myself and only bought one (I'm not sure I would have managed that if my husband hadn't been with me). Sally Hansen's website says there are 12 colors, but there were only 8 in this display that had the Crayola branding on them, so I mostly ignored the rest. (The one underneath the green is a gold metallic, that's the only one I even bothered to look at.)

So these are Wild Strawberry, Sunset Orange, Carnation Pink, and Dandelion.

I did know that they'd been renaming crayon colors in recent years - these are definitely not the names I remember from my long-ago childhood.
Granny Smith Apple? (most Granny Smith apples I see are yellower than this, but anyway...)

Cerulean (which was the one I bought), Vivid Violet, and White. The four others on the website that I did not see are Scarlet (presumably a brighter red), Razzmatazz (a hot pink), Denim (darker blue), and Purple Heart (which looks more blue-violet).

Note the sticker that says "for adult use only" - I believe that actual Crayola crayons (and probably most other brands, too) are made with food-safe ingredients in case small children eat them, as they probably regularly do. Even if Insta-Dri polishes were 3-free (which to my knowledge they're not), you wouldn't want a small child to ingest them, that's for sure. I guess that's the reasoning, anyway. Plus you don't normally put regular nail polish on small children, either, right? You can tell I'm not a mom, I really have no idea about these things, but I'm under the impression that that's basically why nail polish meant for children is never anything adults would actually want to wear, because it's always been made to a higher safety standard, even before there ever was such a thing as 3-free and 5-free in regular nail polish. It basically involves a trade-off between safety and wear-time, I think. And I just opened the bottle of this polish I just bought, and it's still got a pretty strong chemical smell, so... that makes this sort of an odd partnership, really, to my mind. Except that I saw the Crayola bottles and I went over there like a shot - which tells you that this probably really is aiming for us nostalgic adults, right?

I have swatched Cerulean already but I don't have pictures yet. It's a lovely medium blue and it's a one-coater. I wonder if they all are. I've been pretty vocal lately about Insta-Dri being an underrated brand, even if they're not 3-free.

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