Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I deliberately didn't reswatch Formula X Hyped when I did the rest of the Formula X swatches, but I couldn't stand it so I went back and did the swatch after all.
This is an almost-neon with a satiny finish, but what I'd forgotten was how much microglitter is in there - in the bottle. In real-life it shows up really well; in the picture I think you can just barely see it. However, it's one of those that disappears almost completely on the nail. It's still very very pretty, though, and it would have been a shoe-in favorite of mine if it wasn't for the wear problems.

I've got this and another polish sitting on top of my acrylic nail boxes (which I got from Amazon Prime Day and haven't talked about yet) and both are polishes like that - great color, poor wear. (The other one is the purple you can see at the very bottom of the wheel - it's a Picture Polish that I'll get around to talking about soon.) My intention is to try both of those again and apply them extra-carefully and see if I can get better results. We'll see.

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