Thursday, July 27, 2017


Here is Nfu Oh 51 (or you may see it referred to as VS-51, for Victorian Series):
I've used up about half of the bottle of this, and I did it trying to make it opaque, back when I first had it - or, well, something like opaque, anyway. You can see in swatch #15 here that it's quite sheer, really - this is two coats. If you're willing to do a bunch of coats you can get to the point where between the purple base and the flakies your nail line is disguised, at least, pretty much. I do like the way it looks alone, but more recently I have mostly just used this as a top-coat.

Nfu Oh is a Korean brand, and there's always (for some years, anyway) just been one US distributor, FabulouStreet, and it does look like they still carry it. This was one of the first flakies to be widely available, as I understand it, so this is sort of a legendary polish. It's worth getting your hands on if you like this kind of thing like I do.

I showed this yesterday as a top-coat - here. Here's an older mani as well.

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