Thursday, July 13, 2017

Terrybly "nail laque"

I have known of the existence of the brand Terrybly or "By Terry" for a couple of years - I think I first found it while poking around on Neiman Marcus' website, if I'm remembering right - but it's very expensive and I didn't really expect ever to own any. Before Louboutin nail polish came along, at least, it was the most expensive nail polish I'd ever seen, especially since you only get .33 oz for your $30. But Space.NK had it on sale for $7 (and it's still there, for $7.00 or $7.50 depending on the color - if I'd known it would be around this long I've have posted this link when I first saw it!) so now I have two bottles to show you - once I pry them out of their boxes:
I controlled myself and only bought the two, Garnet Nectar and Moving Mauve:

(You can probably guess that the one on the left is mauve and the one on the right is garnet.) I have heard good things about one-coat coverage and such with this brand, but my early swatching doesn't really bear that out for these colors, at least. I'll report back on that part later on.

I'm not sure but at these level of discount I think that they must be discontinuing this line. Space.NK's shipping isn't especially cheap so unless you spend enough to get free shipping (which I think was $50) this doesn't end up being quite so cheap in the end - but I couldn't resist trying out the brand.

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