Sunday, July 2, 2017

Let's Go Crazy

Here's Deborah Lippmann's obviously Prince-themed Let's Go Crazy:
So this has settled a good bit, and I really couldn't get it to shake up to the point where it looked really mixed-up in the bottle, but as you can see I still got a pretty good glitter payoff on the nail, just the same. It's a mixed glitter in a purple base, which I feel like should love... but somehow I don't, quite.

My sister bought me these three Lippmann glitters which you can see swatched here as a birthday gift  a couple of years ago - she works at a department store and presumably didn't pay retail for them, but I still feel kind of guilty because except for Mermaid's Dream I don't really love any of them. I looked at swatches and gave her a list of things I thought I wanted, but I don't really love either of the conventional glitters I have from Lippmann. I like microglitters and I like things like Mermaid's Dream which are kind of offbeat glitters, but for whatever reason I am very "meh" about these. (Although actually, considering how popular that line was, I'm not sure if you can truly call Mermaid's Dream unconventional, either. But hopefully you know what I mean.) I think the last time I talked about this I said I needed to wear it and see, and I haven't worn it but that's still the case. I can't quite make myself give this away so far (it's a Prince polish, after all) but if I keep avoiding wearing it, maybe I should.

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