Monday, July 17, 2017

Formula X blue-greens

Since I have several Formula X in more or less this same blue-green color range, I swatched them all together so I can compare.
On the wheel (starting from the bottom) it's:
  1. Marine, one coat
  2. Prism, two coats
  3. Honestly, this was an accident but I quite like it - I'm pretty sure it's Marine over State Of The Art
  4. Marine, two coats
  5. State of the Art, I think only one coat (it really needs two, you can see streaks)
In the bottle, left to right this is State Of The Art, Prism, and Marine (with the black cap). I had forgotten how dark State Of The Art is - in the bottle it looks slightly bleached-out, but that doesn't seem to transfer to the nail. Prism is lighter and brighter, and Marine is in between those two as far as color, but it's also basically a texture. Marine is probably my favorite of these three, and the one I've worn the most. (But bear in mind that I also liked State Of The Art enough to put it in my favorites last year - all the more surprising because it's a creme, and I'm not a creme fan in general.)

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