Wednesday, July 26, 2017

NOTD: Ignite plus #51

I mentioned when I showed pictures of Ignite that I would probably put something over it since it was chipping. I didn't know what at the time, but I've actually located two of my MIA polishes in the last week, the ones I never swatched because I haven't seen them since I started swatching polishes about fifteen months ago, and one of them is the legendary Nfu Oh 51. So that's the one I used.
#51 (or Oh-51, as I tend to call it in my head) is actually a purple-leaning flakie, but it takes several coats to build up the base enough to be able to really see the purple. So it works fine as a layering polish, and I really like this combination.

(Where were they all this time? In different rooms, but in both cases, they were at the bottom of bins full of miscellaneous junk - this one was buried under a bottle of aspirin and the other one was in the bedroom with some travel soaps and stuff like that. On that second one I'm guessing that I threw all that stuff there when we got home from Ohio the last time I went, which was quite a while ago. I am clearly not the most organized person in the world.)

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