Tuesday, July 18, 2017

More Formula X swatches

I showed my Formula X stash but I didn't come up with favorites. I decided I needed to re-swatch or at least poke around and look at the swatches I already had. I showed one set and here are a couple more.

Ignite already has a post of its own. It's a lovely dark red, although here is the picture Sephora had posted of it, which looks rather different. And then this is the new swatch I did - it's #10 here:

A nice metallic pewter-looking gray.

I have two from a collection that I think was called Transformers Top Coats, which are really just matte glitters in a clear base, as far as I can tell. I have the periwinkle and the darker blue one, but I know there were more colors than that.

The periwinkle one is Boom (over a dark base here):
And you can see TNT in the above picture as well, it's the cobalt blue one above Boom. I really like Boom over the dark-blue base but I haven't found anything that does as well for TNT. Maybe I'll have to try it with some of these new blues I've gotten lately

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