Saturday, July 22, 2017


Empties - I have more than this but I'll start here:
L-R (these are sample/travel sizes except as noted):

  • LeeAnni Eco 3 in 1 Revolution (full-size)
  • Pantene hairspray
  • Theorie argan oil hair serum
  • Christophe Robin hair mask with pricky pear oil
  • Korres brightening 24-hour moisturizer
I'm not even sure where I got all of these. The last two came from Sephora but the others probably came from Ipsy, or maybe Walmart, because I was getting those boxes for a while. Actually I'm pretty sure I got a sample of the LeeAnni stuff from Ipsy and then ordered the full-size one directly from LeeAnni. This is a good moisturizer although maybe not as revolutionary as they want it to sound. I like it a lot and it's pretty reasonably priced.

The Pantene hairspray is of course nothing unusual, but it is for me because I don't usually use a lot of hairspray. I usually spray my bangs - just, like, one quick spritz - to keep them from flying around, but I don't spray the rest of my head. So that means even a trial size hairspray lasts me a long time. I did like this one, though, although I ultimately bought a bigger can of L'Oreal hairspray to replace it with.

I've talked before about how my hair has changed texture, and I'm still working through what products suit my hair. My hair is curly now, but not super-curly, and hair oil is maybe a little much, still. A few years ago it was still quite oily and I would never have dreamed of putting more oil on. It's much drier now but if I use hair oil it has to be quite lightly. So I didn't ever completely use up the Theorie stuff. I did really love the Christophe Robin mask, though, and if it wasn't so very expensive I would be buying more of that.

And then the Korres was another moisturizer I really liked, although this is the day cream and I know I liked the night cream even more than this. (The packaging has changed but I think it's basically this stuff.) (Here's the night cream.)

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