Monday, July 10, 2017

Stash: Formula X

Here is my Formula X stash - part one:
L-R: Marine, Metamorphic, Explosive, Aura, Legend, Hyped

and part two:
L-R: Prism, Ignite, Cosmic, State Of The Art, TNT, Boom

I'm not entirely sure about significance of the white caps vs. the black caps - I think it may be that the white caps are the "core" line and the black ones are the various "special effects" lines, which there were always a lot of. All eight of the black ones seem to be some sort of special formula, either a glittery or shifty thing, or a texture, or matte glitters - so that seems to make logical sense.  I only paid full price for one of these, as I remember it - I mostly thought this brand seemed a bit overpriced (overpriced? Sephora?) and only bought them when they were marked down.

I do have one mini bottle (it's Ignite) which I didn't bother to photograph because I also have the big size, which I bought recently when they were being discontinued. Here's an older photo if you really want to see.

(Also here's a shortcut to the Formula X label - which normally resides further down on my sidebar - in case you want more of a look at these.)

And as far as favorites, well, two of the blue-greens are ones I know I love - that's Marine and State Of The Art. And if you want a really splashy glitter, Explosive is a really nice one. And Ignite is a dark pearly red. A bunch of these I haven't worn a lot, or certainly not recently, anyway, and I may need to do some reswatching, or maybe even wear some of these. What a concept, huh.

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