Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cosmic, Aura

I went back and figured out that I've talked about all my Formula X polishes except for four (out of the 12). That's all but Cosmic, Legend, Aura, & Hyped. So I feel like I can't just drop this now, I have to finish the set. (And also I haven't said what my favorites are. I've decided I can pick two, and I know already what one of them is but I'm not sure about the second one. We'll see after I've taken a better look at the rest.)

When I did my big color-wheel pass last year (linked above), I paired this with No More Waity Katie because, I said, they were both "betwixt and between" - and I do see what I meant by that, but it looks odd when I go back and look now because they are nothing alike other than being vaguely purple. What I meant, really, was that they were sort of the odd men out. NMWK is between purple and gray and Cosmic is between purple and blue. It seems sort of shifty but what I decided was going on - I think - is that it has a purple base and both blue and red-violet shimmer in it. It's actually pretty cool. I notice that in the past I've said that the shimmer doesn't really show up. - but that was not my experience this time. It doesn't show up in all lights but I could see both blue and fuchsia at various times. (NOTD pics to follow.)

Aura is red microglitter in a black jelly-ish base. It looks great in the bottle but when I've tried it on my nails I didn't love it so much. I think this is one of those where I need to either give it another try or give it away. That decision may be waiting til fall, though, because this is just not something I feel like wearing in the height of summer. Apparently this was from a collection called Black Quartz. (Here is Imperfectly Painted's entry on it.)

(That leaves two more Formula X's for Friday, which works out perfectly.)

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