Sunday, July 9, 2017

Favorites, first half of 2017

This year is already half over, amazingly, so I thought I'd make up a shortlist of first-half favorites, and save myself work in December when I start working on my yearly favorites list. I came up with 14 polishes that I really liked - they are not necessarily new releases but were new to me. And then I narrowed it down to my very favorites, five of them.

In alpha order by brand - although I will say that if I had to pick one favorite off the top of my head right now, I'd go with Das Esspensive.

The top 5:
Femme Fatale The Necromancer
ILNP High Tide
KL Polish Das Esspensive XXV
Marc Jacobs Oui!
One-Step Wonder Gel (WnW) Periwinkle Of An Eye

Here's the rest of the original 14:
A England Saint George
D.Lippmann Good Girl Gone Bad
Formula X Marine
Insta Dri Cherry Fast
Morgan Taylor The Last Petal
Pretty Serious Fairy Lights
Revlon Hypnotic
Zoya Destiny
Zoya Mimi

Added: a couple more I really like and I don't want to forget about later:
Zoya Anaka
Nine Zero January 2016 (maybe I haven't worn this? maybe that's why I didn't include it. But I thought I had.)

A few swatch pictures:

High Tide
Das Esspensive

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